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Customizable to the Right Amount

If you’re interested in building a home to your specifications but only have a few key features you’re focused on, building a semi-custom home can provide you with the affordability of a predesigned home and the flexibility of custom features where you want them.

BRD Builders

Getting Started on Semi-Custom Home Design

A semi-custom home design starts from preexisting home layouts we have developed for different home styles. When you’re considering a semi-custom home, our design team will meet with you and provide a selection of basic designs with your desired number of bedrooms and bathrooms. We’ll then work with you from a design you select to move walls, add outlets, or make other changes to conform to your idea of a dream home.

Many Predesigned Plans to Choose From

Our team at BRD Builders LLC in Phoenix and Chandler, AZ, has a series of predesigned plans you can choose from and then customize to your individual desires. Maybe you want to move a wall to make a larger bedroom and smaller study or maybe you want to change the location of outlets to better accommodate your planned use of the room. Our team can help you develop as little or as much customization of our existing home designs as you desire, helping craft the home of your dreams at an affordable price.


Production homes are the least expensive to build since the builder already has a design and cost figured out. You don’t have to pay for architect designs, expensive custom features, or other custom costs.

Semi-custom homes maintain this affordability by starting from existing designs. Instead of beginning from a blank page, you’ll get to look at fully developed home designs from the start, making small or large modifications as needed. This cuts down on the cost of a full custom home while allowing you to craft spaces suited to your needs.


Just as with custom homes, semi-custom homes allow you the flexibility to build a space designed just for you and your family. While full custom homes provide endless flexibility, many homeowners are comfortable with many of the key components of a predesigned home layout. You can then focus on the areas that are the highest priority for you in your new home, whether that’s a luxurious master suite, a large kitchen, or an open floor plan. We’ll work with you to make changes that will fit with the overall design and stay within your desired budget.

If you’re interested in a semi-custom home, the first step is meeting with the skilled design team from BRD Builders LLC in Chandler and Phoenix, AZ, to look over possible designs and start dreaming up alterations

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